Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Facebook Clone Script

facebook clone script
Once two people have a child, their life often gets consumed by the desires of their children. This usually means that parents are as up to date on cartoons, children’s television shows, and Disney characters as their kids are. But parents need a place to discuss these common topics with other parents, not just their children. Adults need an outlet as well, even if they are genuinely concerned with the topics that interest their children. Social networking sites can offer this if specifically designed for parents with small children would help them to connect to each other and help keep up to date with Barney, Bob the Builder, and The Wiggles’ Big Red Car, to name a few popular children’s characters.

There are several positive aspects to being part of a social network, especially one that caters to your specific needs. For example, parents could take advantage of the forums and posted items on a social network in order to gather information regarding what is the hot television show or movie. Parents can also discuss what’s appropriate, or what the latest toys are to buy their kids.

Social networking sites now offer so many features that make it easier to communicate with other people interested in the same things as you are. The chat features, the forums, event pages, and more, help to advertise information that is especially relevant to people all searching for the same thing. It also offers a forum for parents to post news and pictures.

So what most parents see as a waste of time for their kids could actually be really useful to them if the right one exists. Most parents are too busy to take the time to talk to one another about every detail, but a social network allows parents to post information when they want, and for others to view it when they can. One can get answers to questions very quickly, from others who might have experienced the same thing and are qualified to give an appropriate solution. Not to mention that different parents can give different points of view to promote healthy discussion and assist in arriving at your own conclusion on what you think is right and wrong for your child. And you could finally find a nice playmate for your son or daughter, and hopefully another set of parents to socialize with.

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